I’m feeling better today, after getting a lot of sleep last night, and also taking a good chunk of time to meditate this morning, and taking a walk, and finally getting outside to do some yard work.  Sometimes I just need to get out of my mind, and focus on something else.  That something else, in addition to leaves-raking I was in the midst of, was an audio recording of Simon Winchester‘s book, The Man Who Loved China.  I have this confession to make about Simon Winchester: if I could write like anyone, I would want to write like Simon Winchester.  I would also want to have as amazing a voice as Simon Winchester, and as dignified and cool a name as Simon Winchester.

Thank you for existing, Simon Winchester.

I first stumbled upon his book, Krakatoa, several years ago.  It took me a while to get through it, but Winchester has this way of taking a central thing, like the massive 1883 eruption of the title volcano, and weaving it into and connecting it to so many other facets of life.  It’s a gift he has, a truly amazing gift.  His writing style is really conversational, which makes listening to his books lovely for road trips also 😉

My SOD today is a little Beth Orton number that I like because it’s lighthearted and sweet.  The video is a little trippy, so don’t stare at it for too long!


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