I feel like I need to redeem myself after the vacuousness of yesterday’s “Carry Out.”  I also just returned from an ipod-free walk in the woods, so my mind is full of ideas!  I initially left to break out of the writer’s block I was experiencing (I’m preparing a submission for the St. Paul Almanac), and it’s amazing what bubbles out once the blood starts flowing!

I was following the ATV trails in Burnett Co., WI, today, and here’s what always amazes me about being in the Midwest: a month ago I walked that same trail in boots, layers, hat, etc., there were several feet of snow on the ground; today the temperature topped out around 70 degrees, so I broke a sweat wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Crazy weather!  But I do love the variety!

As I was meandering along the trails, I came across a wide-open meadow.  It looked so forlorn, and even though the snow has only just melted, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it would be to pretty it up, make it sort of my own little meadow.  I stumbled across this article a few weeks ago.


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