This first part of this week was completely non-edifying.  I got all set to go running on Sunday, even began a blog post with my route all planned (which the evil delete button gobbled up).  Then I got sidetracked with delicious honey extracting with friends Meghan and Yuuki.  When I finally got to where I wanted to go running, I locked myself out of the car.  I fully realize that I don’t always want to run.  I do, however, get frustrated when I continually (subconsciously) sabotage my efforts to do it regardless of personal (usually peevish) sentiments.

I ended up walking maybe 3 miles on Sunday, instead of running the eight the training schedule called for.  Monday I slacked, Tuesday I walked 5.5 and ran 3ish (around Lake Harriet), Wednesday I slacked again!  Then yesterday I ran around the lake in the morning (first successful AM run!) and followed that up with another 5 miles in the afternoon (Mendota Trail).  I didn’t run the whole distance in the evening, but made a pretty good showing nonetheless.  Additionally, I remember reading this article in Runner’s Worldabout running multiple times per day and, though I balked at the idea at the time, it’s stayed with as a logical training method, and Thursday was the first attempt to implement.The icing on the cake is that today I completed my first long run– 8 miles- after work.  Even better than this icing is the icing of not having to dread doing a long run on Sunday.  Seriously.  What a terrible idea for me to even consider!  Sunday is the one day I sleep in and allow myself to be as sloth as familial obligations will allow!  Pfft!  This is what I say to you, annoying Sunday relaxation-stealing long run!  I will squeeze you in after work as if you were a mere errand.  Ha!A good sense of accomplishment after this run.  The loop is just over 4 miles, and I did it twice, starting from the parking lot near the shelter (not quite where the start/finish point is, I had to double back a few times to include that distance, just to be accurate) and heading west up the hill to Shepard, then turning into the park, keeping to the left at all intersections back to the parking lot.  I wanted to start this way because the hill leading to Shepard is really steep, but then the stretch on Shepard gradually slopes downward until you turn into the park at Elway St.  I also wanted to ensure accuracy in following the route.  I know it looks easy, but I wasn’t sure how obvious the trail would be as opposed to other options (I didn’t need to worry).
Training run #8, 19 August : Shepard Road / Crosby Farm Trail loop, 4.1 miles (click image to enlarge)


Do you ever see those articles about about what x-type athlete can learn from y-type athlete?  Like in yoga mags when they tell you which pose is perfect for downhill ski training, etc?  As I was running tonight, I had a thought about diving.  I find myself always looking down when I run, and after 5 miles or so tonight, I realized how poor my posture was.  I had thought that the best way to run was to tuck the pelvis under, but I wonder about that.  When I became aware of my posture, my head was down, pelvis tucked, and my body just kind of slumped into this totally passive and weak C-shape, not a strong posture at all.  I lifted my head and looked ahead instead, which is not something I typically do, but this is where scuba comes in.  In diving where your eyes look, your body follows.  For example, when you’re facing a reef wall, you have to be uber conscious of your depth, because your body will automatically adjust to where your eyes are, so if you’re looking down, you will automatically descend; whereas, if you’re looking upward, you will inevitably ascend.  On the second stretch of this run, I kept my gaze lifted, extended my torso upward which, in turn, pushed my bum out just a touch.  The main thing was the torso and keeping myself focused on what was ahead.

Adjustments, always adjustments!


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