In the book, Born To Run, the author frequently alludes to learning to rest on your feet, a premise which seems highly counterintuitive.  After a while though, it does start to make sense.

I have a friend who swears by the run/walk method of marathon training.  The idea is to run for a determined length of time, then walk for a shorter period (not long enough for lactic acid to become an issue, however), then resume running.  In theory, I like the idea.  In practice, I hate it.  There’s a bit in The Grapes of Wrath (I think) where Steinbeckwrites about the challenge of starting after stopping, or something along these lines- I haven’t read it since high school, and probably only skimmed it then.  This has always resonated with me, in several areas of my life.  I am a fickle runner and, though I am becoming more resilient, there are certain things I know to be true for me: gadgets are generally demotivating, and once I stop, I really don’t want to start back up again.  So I focus on resting while I run.My pace is kind of abysmal at the moment, but I’m running more frequently and longer distances than I’ve ever done, and I know speed comes with practice.  So I keep pushing forward with patience and gratitude for what my body can do, rather than focusing on the speed of other runners.

Following the creek is always a good route for me.  Somehow I find it more interesting to run it than to circumnavigate the lakes.  This run was meant to be a maintenance run, but I felt good once I got going, and I think my pace was pretty decent on this run.

Training route #6, Harriet to 12th Ave. along Minnehaha Creek, 6 miles

Training route #6, Harriet to 12th Ave. along Minnehaha Creek, 6 miles


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