Several self kudos on this run : my first 10-mile run ever!, not a horrible pace (@11:30, could definitely improve, but regardless, I’m happy with it!), first thing in the morning (done by 9:30), and NON-STOP!  I ran 10 miles straight through, didn’t even stop for traffic lights.  Needless to say, I feel really, really good about it.  The half marathon in 2 weeks away, and I finally feel like it’s a manageable goal.  The training I’ve been following calls for running 10 miles max before the race, but I think I’m going to shoot for 12 next week.  There will be a lot of variables when I run in Chi, so I’d like to feel confident and ready when I get there.

One concern I have is my shoes/feet.  I’ve been running with the Nike Frees, and while I love them, I’m not sure they’re so great for my feets.  I’m not the fastest runner in the world, but 11:30 is slower than I’ve run in the past, which has traditionally averaged an 11-minute pace.  With as much running as I’ve done in the past few weeks, I would think I’d be getting stronger, but I’m still not at this speed.  By the time I was in the home stretch yesterday, I was still feeling pretty good in stamina and mentally, but my feet and calves really hurt.  It’s also been really difficult to run on trails, which I’m very fond of, because the shoes lack support, so all the twisting and turning on uneven trail terrain has made those runs challenging.  I have a pair of Mizunos that I have yet to break in, so will attempt a few short runs with those this week, just for comparison.  Obviously, if I want to make a change, now is the time for it!


Training route #7 : Lake Harriet to Lake of the Isles,
10.4 mile loop


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