It’s that time of year again…  Minnesota State Fair time!

Ok, it actually started a week ago and this is the tail end of it.  I don’t normally go to the fair, haven’t gone in several years, but this year I realized that I wanted to go, which is a “huh, interesting” sort of realization.

Here’s why I’m not traditionally fond of the fair: when I was a kid, my dad hated it.  My mom loved it, but daddio was always more outspoken.  We would go, but not really do anything fun.  As I remember it, we would visit the farm machinery (aptly named Machinery Hill), and the DNR building to gaze into the trout pond, and maybe get some sweeties like mini donuts and cheese curdsDaddio probably grumbled quite a bit, not liking crowds at all, and mummy was probably all over the place, and this was what I remembered most about the fair.

I’m only mildly embarrassed to admit that this is the picture that cast a different light on a visit this year:

Then a friend invited me, and I said yes to a Sunday visit.  Then the same friend offered spare tickets for the Grandstand performance of A Prairie Home Companion and I immediately said yes!  Again, a classic case of being open to something, and having multiple opportunities to experience it.  I love life’s fun little twists and turns like this.  I called everyone and their mother to join me, and Megs was the one who joined me- the perfect companion.  Another funny coincidence, she had been talking, just the night before, about how cool it would be to see APCH at the fair.  Et voila!  Free tickets out of the blue!

I don’t often listen to the show, but seeing it live does offer a much enhanced appreciation for all they do.  Garrison Keillor is captivating, as is Sara Watkins, one of the regular musicians.

Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins / Brokedown Palace



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