Drove to Chi today.  I had meant to get an earlier start, but I had an oil change this morning, and some errands to run, and ran the lake, plus packing…  When I finally did get on the road, I got a little sleepy, and pulled over for twenty minutes to rest.  Then filled up the tank.  Then needed to find an ATM so I had money for the tolls.  And then a quick water stop.  All tolled, it took about seven hours to get here.  Not horrible, really.  I was listening to an audiobook, plus had a few chats on the phone, so a good little drive.  I do love a road trip.

Autumn is already making itself known.  The temps are dipping down into the 50s and 60s at night, the sun is lower in the sky, the sun comes up later and later.  I’m hearing a few people lament the passing of summer; I think I’m happy it’s gone.  Truth be told, I was way too busy this summer, and I didn’t like.  I had some fun times, but between working 45-50 hours a week, and fulfilling familial obligations (which sometimes entail driving 60-100 miles one way), time moved way too fast, and all the fun little things I had wanted to do, by and large, didn’t get done.  But, one must take responsibility for decisions made, and I realize I need to improve on saying no from time to time!

Belle & Sebastian / I Want The World To Stop


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