13.1-10: one day out!

Tomorrow is the big race!  Hard to believe it’s already here.  I’ve been looking for more detailed info on the race, and trying to figure out the course on Google Maps, but to no avail.  I had forgotten about this fun application of video magic, often available on YouTube for popular races:

I’m not sure if it’s better to let the course be a surprise, or to watch this a couple times, just to visualize myself running it.I have one more running route to add, ran this one last weekend.  I had hoped to do a 12-mile run prior to the race, but it simply didn’t work out that way.  So I’m hoping that the earlier training will carry me through in a timely fashion (I’m sure it will), because I have been uber sedentary this week.  This route was actually a pretty fun one.  It always seems so funny to me that just a river separates Minneapolis from St. Paul, and that areas/neighborhoods just a short distance across can be so vastly different.
Training route #8, 9.1 mile river loop: Lake Nokomis Rec Center to Ford Pkwy bridge, Mississippi Blvd to Highway 5 bridge, Fort Snelling Trail to Minnehaha Cr

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