Saturday happiness.

So many reasons to be excited for the day!

Exhibit A: First of all, yay to long weekends.  It’s for a sad reason, unfortunately.  I work for Aveda, which is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Corp.  In December, Evelyn Lauder, wife of Leonard Lauder, the chairman emeritus of ELC and eldest son of the company’s founder, died of non-genetic ovarian cancer.  Friday was the day of her memorial; hence, the day off.  But still happy to have a day away from the office.

B: I’m alive, healthy, with a hot cup of coffee in front of me and the sweetest, cuddliest pooch curled up with her head on my lap as I work.

C: The sun is shining, and there’s a good little bit of snow on the ground.  The ice is good and solid now, so no crackling noises, and fewer of the funny echoing noises.

We walked across the lake last night to the dog park, and the good folks at Minneapolis Parks and Rec had laid the cross-country ski track.  Love that I can look forward to both ice skating and XC skiing at the ready for the remainder of my time dog-sitting here!  Very excite (not a typo).  The snow is not quite enough for skiing my regular spots- I hit Hiawatha Golf Course yesterday afternoon and coverage was pretty sparse.  Will check in with the good folks at SkinnySki to see if any of the other trails are in good condition. Once it warms up a bit, I’ll be outside soaking up some vitamin D!

D. I thought I was out of town this weekend with friends, but come to find the trip is next weekend.  It’s like having a whole 2 days as a gift.  Definitely looking forward to seeing my ladies in Alexandria, but love that I have an unplanned weekend.

E.  My beloved and mildly obnoxious friend, Toni Schewe, celebrates her January birthday all month long.  Though we joke about the ridiculousness of this, it is fun to attend some of the events.  Today we’re watching a movie at Trylon Microcinema.  Last year was Goonies, this year…  CLUE!  Do you remember this movie?  I loved it as a kid, loved the game.  So much room for imagination running wild.  Secret passageways?  Yes, please!  Giant creepy mansion?  Love.  Cannot wait!

Happy Saturday, all!


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