skijoring fun with Maddy.

Why is it that I think of one MILLION things to write about during the day, and when I sit down to write, I can’t think of a damn one of em?  Shoot.

Clue at the Trylon Microcinema was amazing.  Rather than writing for the rest of the weekend, I worked on transferring old posts from another blog to this one.  Maybe that’s part of the block, I was looking at old blog posts!  It was fun to go back and read some of them.  I ran my first and second half marathons this year and I chronicled a lot of my training, good to look back and see what a challenge it was, and how awesomely I rose to the challenge.  Better still, the first one was hell and I sucked at it- but completed another one a month later in the best time I’ve ever run any distance.

Oh yeah!  I remembered what I was going to post about: New Year’s resolutions!  More on that in the next post 😉

Does this ever happen to you?  I randomly dreamt of someone last night, so I’ve been thinking of him all day long!  He just keeps booping me on the nose at the oddest moments.  Not totally random, someone I have a silly crush on.  But I don’t remember the dream, so it’s a funny sensation when he pops into my brain- do you know what I mean?  How the feeling of a dream can be so strong, but completely nebulous and incoherent at the same time?

What else…  The rest of the weekend was amazing.  Saturday afternoon/evening I ran errands, then came home and lounged.  Took the dog to the park, but it was crazy windy, so no outdoor activities for this girl!  Sunday I got out the skis and hooked the dog up to the Stunt Puppy waist-leash set up for a skijor trial.  With how much she loves to pull, it should have come as no surprise that she was a natural skijorer.  The crazy wind had blown a lot of the snow off the lake, but there was still enough around the outer edges to ski.

I’ve never skied with a dog who actually pulls, but Maddy is a puller!  5.8 in approximately 1 hour 33.  It wasn’t an ideal set-up, I had her hooked up to the gentle leader then to me with the waist attachment.  It kept her from pulling too much, and she kept running off to the side.  It was super fun though, and she was knocked out for the rest of the day, which is always fun to see.  Later that night, I got out the skates and headed over to the rink for a bit.  Just for stinks and giggles, I turned on the GPS for this outing, too. I covered 2.75 miles.

My favorite part is when I was at the rink, shown in detail here:

We got more snow on Sunday night/Monday morning, and by the time I left work, I was so excited to get out into it, I was on the verge of exploding.  I got out the real harness and hooked Maddy and I together, good and skijor-proper, and practically ran to the lake.  And she ran!  Holy hell, did she run:

3.78 miles in 1 hour 20, and that was with a bunch of stops, several off-course veerings, and a handful of falls.  One ice landing left me on the ground for… a while.  Do you know when people talk about having a “goose egg,” like in old-timey shows?  I know what that means.  I have one of these on the elbow that bore the brunt of my last digger.  I also have a kind of puncture on top of the goose-egg.  We skied out in the open snow for a while, especially on Calhoun.  On Isles, there’s a nice skating track cleared around the lake, and she really got moving once she was on a trail (I think any musher/skijorer will validate this behavior, they get in the zone on trail).  It was a good adventure for both of us.  I don’t have my own dog, and I love getting to hang out with sweet pups and get a better feel for what I’d like when I have my own.  I like being able to/having to exercise with the dog, I’ve decided.  I’ve been out every day since I’ve been here, even if it’s just been for a twenty-minute walk (this accounts for maybe one or two days out of 20, and only when it was frigid outside), so it does force one to be active.  It was also way more fun than I could have anticipated to skijor with a willing partner, just to see her want to go!  She would be amazing with a bit of training.

So that’s all, I think.  I’m sure I’ll think of one million other thoughts as soon as I post this…

Bonne nuit, mes chers 😉


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