wherein the mind and the feets are one.

I have 2 thoughts for the day, before I retire, though at this particular moment I can only think of one.  So I’ll go with that one, and see if the other one comes back around.

Here’s the thought of the afternoon: everything is happening as it should.  I’m not stating this in a fatalistic, or instant-karmic fashion.  What I mean is that it’s all happening as it should- it’s all happening as you are ready for it to happen.  I say this because, much as I would like, no, LOVE! to be that laid-back, uber-relaxed boheme that I idolize, I happen to fall more distinctly into the neurotic Jan-Brady camp.  I way-way-way overthink (or, as a beloved dive instructor phrased it, mind-f@ck) every damn thing.  And a big piece of the mind-f@cking is questioning, and usually coming to the conclusion that I’ve done exactly the wrong thing.

But here’s what I think about: I can’t ever know one way or the other if what I’ve done is the right thing in comparison to the other possibilities because all I have is exactly where I am, and all I can do is to move forward with the choice I’ve already made.  So the mind-f@cking is really quite pointless.  Think how much energy I could expend simply going forward from where I already am!  Ah.  I already feel myself breathing easier.

The other thing I wanted to share is a simple technique for when you find yourself all up in your head, thinking and spinning new, even crazier thoughts.  A friend shared this with me a few weeks ago, and it’s really been useful for me.  I’ve heard variations on the theme, but for whatever reason, this one resonated best.  It also dovetails with part of the Shambhala meditation technique, where a walking meditation is done between periods of seated practice.  All you do is to think of your feet.  It sounds weird, but it’s really not.  It also really makes sense when what you’re trying to do is to get out of your head, to move your attention to the opposite extreme of the body.  Think of your feet.  Think of your feet connecting to the ground.  Feel the energy flowing from your feet to the ground.

Think… of… your… feet.  See if you can remember to do this the next time your thoughts are making you nutty, or the next time you’re on the verge of losing your temper, and let me know what you think!


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