om… (how the mind wanders)

I don’t feel like going to meditation class today.  Mostly because I’m now done with work but still have 1.5 hours til class begins, which leaves limited options, the most obvious being a visit to the gym.  Which I’m feeling too lazy to do, but I feel lazy because I’ve been sitting all day, so it’s really the perfect thing to do before I go sit for another 2 hours.

I just learned of this: the Gypsy Flower (Cynoglossum officinale)! And it grows right here in Minne.  Here’s a photo:

Ooh, so pretty!  Unfortunately, it appears to be known by another common name, Hound’s Tongue.  Probably in another country, though.  Not here.  It’s definitely called Gypsy Flower here.

Here’s a photo of Robert Plant eating ice cream:

And, with that total randomness, I feel well prepared to barter with the monkey mind in seated meditation tonight.


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