the little things.

I’m feeling crabby today. Working on letting the mood lift, but it’s there and, to some extent, I just need to let it be there.  Do you ever notice that sometimes you actually want to feel grumpy?  I find this happening to me periodically, like when I’m in traffic and someone is driving too close behind me, or when I’m rushing in the morning and fumbling every damn thing when my hands are full and I’m trying like crazy to get the right key to lock the damn door!  I think you know the feeling…  It almost feels like a habit, like I’m just running through the inevitable schedule of events.  But more and more, I realize it’s contrived, a synapse fires and then the most logical pattern emerges, but it’s no longer genuine, no longer authentically how I feel.  I can’t push it away though, so, like today, I just let it run its course.

The office has been quiet for the past several days, and today everyone has returned and there are many, many people around.  Wonderful though they are, you realize how much easier it is to be productive with fewer conversations happening all about.

With all the bad juju running through my brain, a friend posted something to the facebook which helped me feel just a little brighter: “Finally reached the point in my used textbook where the slacker that had it before me stopped highlighting. It’s the small things that count.”  It is the little things that count!  So I’m taking a little inventory here of the little things that I’m happy about (the obvious I’m-breathing, I’m-healthy, live-in-a-beautiful-home variety are implied).

  • I indulged a little and topped my salad with blue cheese/catalina dressing;
  • It’s fashion week, so much of my work for the next few days entails browsing the web for company mentions;
  • I have the weekend to look forward to, with very little planned;
  • I finally received my 2010 Louisiana tax refund.

Ok, so there are a few things.  I’ve also put on my headphones to block out a bit of the noise.  See?  The little things.

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Bob Dylan / Hard Times Come Again No More


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