…with a devil on your back

I always want to call Florence, of Florence + The Machine, Florence Henderson.  It just rolls off the tongue, really.  Too many Brady Bunch reruns in my youth, to be certain.

But this Florence blows my mind:

Florence + The Machine / Shake It Out

Did I mention this blows my mind?  If you watch it all the way through without experiencing an epidemic of the goosebumps, then you have no soul.  This woman is BELTING THIS SONG OUT!  It’s like she’s alone in the Serengeti, with miles of wide open space upon which to unleash that beautiful, massive, warbling tone.  But she’s in a television studio.  And you would think that would be so limiting.  But NO!  Not for Florence-not-Henderson, that woman just throws her head back and sings to the heavens.

My favorite piece of lyrical goodness:

I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

This song and her voice, quite simply, make me very happy.  Thank you, Florence + The Machine.


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