kombucha experi-fermentation, days 1, 2 und 3.

Immediately after posting my desire for the home-brewed bucha, a friend let me know that he happened to have a little SCOBY on hand (this stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, I believe, but I’m too tired to go look it up.  So we’ll go with that, shall we?) that he would be happy to share.  Since I wasn’t able to pick it up that exact moment in time, I picked up another bottle of tea after work on Thursday so I could get the tinkering started that night.  Getting some of friend Tom’s SCOBY would be easier, but you know, it’s just so much more fun to have grown one, or at least to have tried!  It’s the small things that excite me.  Such as, and I don’t know if I mentioned, but last summer I scored an amazing 70’s sun-tea jar, complete with etched-on sunflowers and a green molded-plastic spigot and screw-on lid with built-in handle (see below).

The first bottle of kombucha I had this week was the classic GT’s, and it sounds like tons of people use this to start their own mother.  On Thurs, however, I happened by the Wedge, where I found the only plain brand on the shelf was NessAlla, which I’m excited about because it’s much closer to home (ok, I don’t actually know where GT’s is brewed, but it can’t be closer than Madison, WI). I tried as best I could not to drink any of the bottle, but I failed, so there was only an inch or so to start, which I’ve let it sit for a few days.  Here’s the progression: I checked again that afternoon:Then again this morning: I was thinking about it a bit today, and a vague little tickle in the back of my mind told me I was missing something.  I just haven’t read enough about this process, basically.  I had it in my mind that you can toss it in a jar and just let it grow!  But it is ONE BILLION living organisms, and the little buggers need food.  I did a bit more reading, specifically on starting a SCOBY this way (on this awesome site), and got learned.  In consequence, brewed up some sweet tea, and added it to the mix.  I also moved the jar into the furnace room, where it tends to be warmer (which whole living suggests is better) than other spots in the house, and also more remote, lest my roomies come upon it.


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