kombucha experi-fermentation, day 5

I just scrolled through the images since last week, and my goodness, does a good experiment make me so happy!

A few changes made today.  While I was at work I came to the realization that the batch needs to be in a warm, but also dark place, which is counterintuitive a moi.  This morning, I briefly toyed with the idea of leaving a light on when I went to work, to give off more heat.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where would be a good spot, until I realized that the batch can still be in a place that’s lighted, but simply covered up like you would do with a birdcage.  Duh.  So I changed the location yet again, but I think this is going to be a good spot for the batch to grow and prosper.  It seems to have flourished even in the scant hours since I moved the jar.

AM check: cloudy with separate, but peaceable, colonies.  PM check, united and formidable!

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