kombucha experi-fermentation, douze(y) du jour

It’s definitely happening now, it wasn’t just a fluke yesterday.  The mushroom is definitely both gromandizing and aggrandizing (sorry, sleepy and in need of a little alliteration).  True to my word, I checked it just as many times today as usual.  And changed the location.  But it seems to be a resilient bugger and keeps on keepin’ on.

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I think I’m getting very close to being able to brew a batch of the coveted kombucha!


5 thoughts on “kombucha experi-fermentation, douze(y) du jour

    • I’m so very, very excited to be ready to brew! I think another week of letting the scoby grow, I should be ready to brew a full batch. How long have you been brewing? Interested to hear more about your experiences 😉 aa

      • I began almost a year and a half ago. I had never tasted or laid eyes on Kombucha when I got my first scoby. It took a little practice but I’ve been brewing ever since. The main things are to be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and to learn what taste you like so you know when it’s done:)

  1. Good to know! My concern right now is that when growing the scoby, it got really vinegar-y, so I hope that doesn’t negatively impact the outcome. I added more sweet tea to grow it more, then this week set it up to actually brew a real batch. Yes- experimentation! Will monitor more closely now to get the taste right!

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