le dread anniversaire.

I started thinking about this day at the beginning of April.  Taking a cue from good friends, I even thought about planning something fun, something nostalgic like renting out the planetarium my class visited in 5th grade, when Tony something-or-other and I fell in [brief] love sharing a seat together on the bus.  But I got busy, and I didn’t share the idea with anyone, and so time passed and I kept thinking how I needed to plan something for my birthday, and how it was sneaking up on me, but that it was on a Monday, and what could there be to do on a Monday? but that I should really plan because the day was going to be here sooner than later and if I didn’t have plans I was going to start feeling really sad and maybe a little blue about my birthday and…

Guess fucking what?  I didn’t make any plans, and I feel a little fucking blue.  Amazing, isn’t it?

I say this very tongue-in-cheek, but while we’re at it, I may as well throw out all the eff-bombs and get the pity party out of the way.  This day, more than any other, I hate being fucking single.  Whoo.  Deep breathing is happening now.  I am breathing in pure positive posi-fucking-tivity, and I am breathing out all the dark, ugly juju that has been festering since 4:42pm today, this very afternoon.

There!  Feeling so much better.  Just to reinforce, let’s revisit my favorite John Lennon snippet.



2 thoughts on “le dread anniversaire.

  1. most years i feel the same about my birthday. it’s a yucky feeling. i suck at facebook birthdays, sorry i missed it. so i’m going to say happy birthday today.

    maybe we should have a weekend lunch at blair ave again soon.

    • Of course I would love that! It’s actually just that day before the bday and the morning of, then I’m fine! This year has been good, extended the celebration over almost 2 weeks. Last night was Mamma Mia with my mom and aunts, good way to end the month 😉

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