Hello!  I’m Angela, a Minnesotan by birth and, perhaps, by nature.  I grew up in East St. Paul,  spent my college years at the College of Saint Benedict, and resided intermittently in Minneapolis for the remainder of my twenties.  In former lives, I taught English in China, worked as a Divemaster all over Southeast Asia, and operated sub-sea robotics (ROVs) in the Gulf of Mexico.  I have hiked to Everest base camp, dived in the kelp forests of SoCal, and crossed the Atlantic on a boat, becoming an Emerald Shellback in the process (gold stars if you know what that means!).

C’est moi.

I love running and camping and diving; libraries, reading and writing.  I’ve been known to frequent yoga studios and meditation centers; I can commonly be found eating, talking about eating, cooking, or grocery shopping.  I also enjoy time with friends and love to embark on urban adventures.  Professionally, I am currently doing PR for a national hair care company, and moving toward self-employment.  Or a bestselling novel, also in progress. Well, in my mind, at least.

I welcome comments, questions, suggestions, and general chats on facebook or the twitter.


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