Tutorial: using Google+ hangouts on the iphone

This week I learned that,  though totally counterintuitive, you can’t start a Google+ Hangout with the Hangout function on the Iphone app.
We were working with clients this week to record some video.  I know not a ton of people use Google+, but it has some great functionality, including Hangouts, which is like video chatting, but better. At the appointed time, my coworker and I entered the Hangout.  All was well, we could see and hear each other, but our client was having some difficulty.  Though we tinkered a bit, we couldn’t resolve the problem.  After doing some research last night, I found that this is a known issue.  Since I wasn’t able to find a solution in my search (at least in the first page or so of search results), I played around a bit to figure it out.*
You’ll need:
  • Iphone with video
  • Google+ account
  • another Google+er, online, who will talk to you

To initiate a hangout from an Iphone:

  1. In Google+ app, go to main menu by tapping list icon in upper left.
  2. Enter the Messenger function.
  3. Start a new conversation by tapping chat icon in upper right corner.
  4. Tap people or type in name to start a conversation with that person. More than one can be selected.
  5. Type something in the text window at the bottom of the screen, hit send.
  6. At the next screen, tap the video icon in upper right.
  7. At next screen, tap Hangout.
  8. This will bring you to a highly deceptive screen saying it’s “Waiting for others to join.” The thumbnail/name of the invitee is listed at the top, with a small blue arrow.  Tap the arrow.
  9. New screen with thumbnail/name of the invitee listed, tap on this.
  10. Invitee’s profile page. Mid-screen, tap on hangout.
  11. This rings through to the invitee on computer.
Taking shortcuts in this process or starting the hangout from the Hangout option on the iphone app menu results in no video.  Also, I wasn’t able to get it to work to invite from my computer to phone.  I was working with a wifi connection, but was logged into 2 g-accounts, so that may have diverted the invite from phone to computer.
*I’m running OS6 on an iphone 4s. I’m not super technical, please don’t ask too many questions 😉

the little things.

I’m feeling crabby today. Working on letting the mood lift, but it’s there and, to some extent, I just need to let it be there.  Do you ever notice that sometimes you actually want to feel grumpy?  I find this happening to me periodically, like when I’m in traffic and someone is driving too close behind me, or when I’m rushing in the morning and fumbling every damn thing when my hands are full and I’m trying like crazy to get the right key to lock the damn door!  I think you know the feeling…  It almost feels like a habit, like I’m just running through the inevitable schedule of events.  But more and more, I realize it’s contrived, a synapse fires and then the most logical pattern emerges, but it’s no longer genuine, no longer authentically how I feel.  I can’t push it away though, so, like today, I just let it run its course.

The office has been quiet for the past several days, and today everyone has returned and there are many, many people around.  Wonderful though they are, you realize how much easier it is to be productive with fewer conversations happening all about.

With all the bad juju running through my brain, a friend posted something to the facebook which helped me feel just a little brighter: “Finally reached the point in my used textbook where the slacker that had it before me stopped highlighting. It’s the small things that count.”  It is the little things that count!  So I’m taking a little inventory here of the little things that I’m happy about (the obvious I’m-breathing, I’m-healthy, live-in-a-beautiful-home variety are implied).

  • I indulged a little and topped my salad with blue cheese/catalina dressing;
  • It’s fashion week, so much of my work for the next few days entails browsing the web for company mentions;
  • I have the weekend to look forward to, with very little planned;
  • I finally received my 2010 Louisiana tax refund.

Ok, so there are a few things.  I’ve also put on my headphones to block out a bit of the noise.  See?  The little things.

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Bob Dylan / Hard Times Come Again No More